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 Faelan (Short Story, multi-chapter) 
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Post Faelan (Short Story, multi-chapter)
Author's Note: This story will loosely follow along the storyline of the game. Namely, it will start at the destruction of Taern and continue that basic plot into Trentis, and then it will begin its own path. I will try to get the NPC's correct. This is fantasy - more so than the game - because my character belongs to none of the classes offered, and is, in her own way, something 'different'. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy! (Italics are thoughts - underline is emphasis - bold is dialogue).

Chapter I - The Plight of Taern

The day after word was received of an impending war in other parts of the world, the city was tense. The foul mood that permeated the atmosphere came not from fear of an attack, or the stirrings of ambitious warfare in the hearts of young men, but the sudden disappearance of the governor, who hid away in his chambers rather than address the concerns of his people. For many, it was a sign of cowardice - but those who knew better understood. He was not hiding. He was preparing the armies.

The sun was shining brightly in the gentle sky, but little did they know of the storm-clouds brewing over the distant horizon.


A shriek. A roar. The sound of ripping metal and collapsing bricks. I sat bolt upright, breathing hard, fingers clenching on the worn fabric of my bedding. Another dream of war and terror. But no - the smoke filled my nostrils and choked my airways even awake, and I suddenly saw, out the dark gap of my bedside window, the flames lapping away at the neighbors houses.

And the shadows - the lean, dark shadows. Curved knives in their hands, the soldiers entered the burning houses and killed the residents, children and all, hooting and hollering in animal-like excitement as they did so.

I hardly had time to understand this, to process, when a piercing scream sent me leaping out of bed and lunging for the dagger beside the door. My mother, probably awakened by the noise, was downstairs, brandishing a wooden cane and beating it at too dangerous-looking looters with the same curved knives as the Utorian soldiers from our neighboring flank. They advanced on her with lust and excitement gleaming in their eyes, and all hope of driving them away with words and well-aimed slashes was lost in a river of fury.

"Eat dirt, you bile-infested dogs!" I snarled, with uncharacteristic anger at my mother's attackers, and sunk the dagger into the soft spot behind the first man's ear. He dropped to the ground, dead instantly, but my dagger went with him, somehow stuck inside his body.

The second looter turned to me with rabid excitement.

"Join me, pretty girl, and we will have much fun!" The drunken looter yipped.

Wordlessly, the cane smashed down hard against the Utorian's head, the hard metal of the tip making a dull, cracking sound as it collided with his skull. He slumped to the ground, dead or unconscious, and there was a moment of relieved enjoyment. Two invaders down - but the city was on fire and more were pouring in. How long would it take for the actual soldiers to arrive at our house? We had to leave. There was nothing at our home we could save.

"Let's go, mother!" I ordered, managing to remove the dagger from the dead looter.

She looked at me with tired, sad knowledge.

"No, child. I'm staying here. I want my country beneath my feet, and it is time for me to go. He's waiting for me. Please, escape now. And take Alek with you. He will help protect you," she said quietly, and the large black dog slowly padded over. His mouth was coated with a thin line of blood, but his wise golden eyes didn't fear.

"What do you mean, going?" I asked, confused.

"I have nowhere else to go. Your father's waiting," she said sadly, and she turned away, but not before the tears wet her eyes.

And then I saw it. The body. Once strong and demanding of respect, my father lay in a puddle of his own blood, his life expelled from him by a deep gash across his throat. At least I understood. She was leaving too, but not in the way I was.

"No," I protested. I stepped forward - the world burst into flames - pain my head - darkness...

---- Insert Time Break Here :) ----

Pain. I felt that first. Then an indescribable wetness on my face. Was I crying? The feeling of being moved. Growling, whimpering, heavy breathing in my ear. There was a sharp pressure around my neck and throat that made me panic. I coughed and gasped for air, eyes flying open, meeting the bright golden ones that glowed from a dark body. For a moment I froze. Then felt fur.

Alek. He had dragged me from the burning remains that was our house. The sky was dark black, smoke everywhere, heat battering me from the fires on all sides. No one had seen us yet through the haze. I began to cough and choke, feeling like needles were piercing my throat, and there was a sharp pain in my chest. It gradually faded as I managed to gasp in more air and cough out the dark smoke that had filled my lungs, but I felt weak and drowsy and my eyes simply wanted to close. My head felt like a balloon, pressure beyond full, and when I wiped my face, my hand came away bloody.

Looking at the remains of the house, I knew that there was no way that anyone could have survived. But there was no time to think about that. We had to flee - for the port, where our soldiers often stationed.

Struggling to my feet, I looked at Alek and ran. We charged blindly between looters and people and ducked around swinging knives. Finally, we saw the guard - a Taernian, cutting down looters and anything in the way. He looked at us once, positioned himself between us and the Utorians, and kept wiping them down.

For the first time, I felt safe.

"Go to the ship," a soldier told me, and I saw it stationed at the port, filled with survivors. Swallowing hard, I went towards it.

Something long and sharp pierced through my chest and I felt nothing more.


D'oh, cliffhanger. Please tell me what you like and what you didn't. If there are spelling and grammar errors, I don't care. xP

Also, there will be blood! (:

Thanks for reading

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Post Re: Faelan (Short Story, multi-chapter)
i know the reply abit late but that was cool short story nice work :D

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Post Re: Faelan (Short Story, multi-chapter)
naw tenish months isnt late.

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thievery is the very same thing as multi here! its just breaking game rules

i giggle every time.

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Post Re: Faelan (Short Story, multi-chapter)
6 years is not that late right?

here's a cute drawing

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